350z Harness Bar Cabin Brace


We have designed our cabin brace/ harness bar to allow the fitment of wrap around safety harnesss, these harness bars are a must for any fast road/track day driver.

They attach to the standard seat belt tower holes and two factory bolt holes In the boot, The harness bar also act as a cabin brace giving increased chassis rigidity.

Made from 44.45mm CDS grade carbon steel, these bars are zinc primed and comes in a durable satin black powder coat finish.

Available on back-order


Fitting a cabin brace / harness bar is the cheapest way to improve chassis rigidity and handling.
All GCFabrications braces / harness bars are made from high quality CDS steel (44.45mm diameter with a 2.5mm side wall) and finished in durable satin black powder coat.
The GCFabrications 350z brace / harness bar is blasted, etch primed and powder coated satin black for product longevity.
These bars are a very popular tuning part for road use and an essential for track use, they are the cheapest way to improve rigidity and handling of the car.
By strengthening the chassis the suspension geometry is kept stable therefore reducing chassis flex, increasing road holding and reducing tyre wear.


GCFabrications Shall not be held responsible for damage, injury or loss in connection with the installation and use of this product.
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